It’s halfway through the penultimate month of the year. You probably didn’t need anyone to tell you that since All I Want For Christmas can already be heard echoing down retail aisles. But before the festive season arrives properly, there’s one more hurdle to clear.
Odds are you’re sharp enough to know that you can save your ears, sanity, and money by doing your Black November shopping online. You needn’t even look that hard to find the best deals on the most sought-after tech from Xiaomi, the best bang-for-buck tech brand. And they’re all under one roof… well, two roofs, technically – Incredible Connection and HiFiCorp.
Xiaomi brings the smarts to streaming
There are plenty of deals on new smart TVs but do you really want to spend R20,000 or more on a whole new television with all the bells and whistles if your current one works just fine? Rather give your current TV all those bells and whistles for less than 10% of that price.
The Xiaomi TV Box S (2nd Gen) is the gold standard for streaming boxes, capable of giving older or budget TVs a new lease on life. It’s packing some of the best hardware available. Combine that with its stellar Google TV operating system and superior software support, you’ll struggle to find a comparable experience at the same price.
Enough power for streaming spectacular video and audio? Check. Easy to set up and use? Check. Reliable long-term support? Check. Even cheaper than it usually is? Check. Whether you get your tech from Incredible Connection or HiFiCorp this November, the Xiaomi TV Box S (2nd Gen) has dropped to R899, from its already-low usual price of R1,199.
For those who don’t need 4K Dolby Vision picture quality and immersive Dolby Atmos audio, the Xiaomi TV Stick continues to be a favourite, wallet-friendly streaming solution. You’re still getting a slick Android TV OS, support for every popular streaming service you could want, and built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant support so you literally don’t even have to lift a finger. The best part? At R699, it’s even more affordable than usual.
Staying connected the smart way
With your streaming needs covered, it’s time to consider your home network. Unless the thought of laying network cable excites you, most of your home’s smart tech uses a wireless connection. Xiaomi’s networking solutions are plenty capable, especially when used to supplement an existing network.
If your current ISP-issued router lacks a feature or two and you’d like to fix that without overdoing it, the Xiaomi Wireless Router 4C features four antennas for better signal strength and it can be controlled with an app on any smartphone. It’s already a steal at its normal price of R349 but for Black November that has dropped to R249.
And those dead zones where the dreaded Buffering Monster lives? Unless you’re throwing bags of money at your network, you’re bound to have a few. Plug one of the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pros into a plug socket close to the dead spot and watch as the Buffering Monster is vanquished. You’ve just earned the admiration and respect of your family, possibly your neighbour too, and it only cost you R219 and the five minutes it takes to set up the Xiaomi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro.
Keeping an eye on your health
So, you’ve already got a sweet streaming set-up, a strong home network to support it, and the adoration of your family for making it all happen without ‘borrowing’ from your retirement fund. But why stop there?
2024 is a few weeks away so why not get a headstart on those New Year’s resolutions you’re definitely going to see through this time? The Redmi Smart Band 2 is the perfect companion for the ‘fitness-curious’ and fitness aficionados alike.
The generous 1.47in display makes checking your vitals at a glance easy and with 30+ sports modes supported, first-timers can try a bunch and find the one they like the most. Not everyone is a runner, and that’s okay.
If you’re less concerned about the tech and more focused on your workout, the Redmi Smart Band 2’s attractive design and low on-wrist profile means it won’t get in your way. Its attractive price of R699 is even more attractive this November. Exactly R200 more attractive as it’s now down to R499.
These might be the top 5 Xiaomi tech deals this November, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. You’re sure to find more at either Incredible Connection or HiFiCorp. Get yours today.