Speedinet provides high-speed wireless internet access without the need to have any landlines. This makes wireless internet an ideal replacement for slow ADSL connections, and an affordable alternative to expensive diginet lines. It also reduces the risk of business loss in the event of lines being stolen – or long turn-around times on faulty connections.

We have a wireless package to suit all needs – whether you need a high speed business package to connect your business to the world or you are a home user that requires the bare minimum – or even the home gamer that requires speed and low levels of latency, we have you covered.

Wireless access can also be provided to securely connect branches around the country, or globe, for Virtual Private Network (VPN) access or Voice over IP (VoIP). We are scalable so if our standard packages don’t meet your needs, we are more than willing to tailor a package that will cater to your specific needs.

Business Wireless Internet – Business Services Wireless Internet has a package that will suite your businesses needs. Uncapped and capped packages ranging from SOHO 1:20 contention ratio’s through to 1:1 enterprise connections.

Home Wireless Internet – Super Wireless Internet is a great internet package for home users that need an affordable connection. This package will cater for general browsing, downloading, email, Skype and more. Packages are available in capped and uncapped options.

With Business Services, get wireless internet access solutions that are tailored to you.

We provide Fastest Internet service in south Africa
We provide Best Wireless rate in South Africa
No physical line required – No more down time !
Total Control over your Usage

What We Offer

Hotels, banks, shops and restaurants, we have a wide network of cost-effective Wi-Fi hotspots available. With SPEEDINET reliable and secure connection, meetings can move to coffee shops and online shopping can happen in the luxury of a hotel room.
Stay on top of your business. With our corporate access, you’ll be able to create virtual offices. Employees will be able to quickly, and securely, gain remote access to your existing network through any of our Wi-Fi hotspots.
Over the years we have come across many customers who have been misinformed about wireless technologies. More often than not, this is due to the advice given to them from “technicians” who truly do not understand the technology themselves. SPEEDINET .Networks has installed many wireless solutions over the years. These installations have included anything from small home based applications to large municipal inter-office point-to-point links. Most of the confusion from consumers around wireless technology stems from not understanding the different solutions, the security requirements and what solution best suits their needs.
  • Coverage 80%
  • Customer Satisfaction 89%
  • Internet Speed 95%

How to get Connected


Call us to make booking for your Site inspection, Site Survey.

Site Inspection

After inspecting your site Survey we will confirm coverage of our wireless network . You will receive quotation for installation cost


Upon confirming quotation cost you will need to deposit fund into our account .once completed technician will be dispatch to install device on your site .

Install Period

Installation take 2 to 4 working days

Package Purchase

After installation you can purchase package via  direct deposit (EFT)
Note: Residential clients

R2500 on 12 Month Contract

Residential installation packages start from R2500 depending on factors such as distance from nearest high site, cable lengths required and equipment used.

Note for business clients
Port fees are compulsory, irrespective of speed. The backup service is designed to offer redundancy via Wi-Fi where the customer has an alternate means of primary connectivity, such as ADSL

Service Level Agreement

A service level agreement (frequently abbreviated as SLA) is a document where the level of service is formally defined. In practice, the term SLA is sometimes used to refer to the contracted delivery time (of the service) or performance thereof. In today’s fast paced workplace, businesses do not have the time or capacity to worry about the technical aspects of their IT infrastructure. This time is better spent on focusing on your core business. This is where an IT Service Level Agreement can be of great assistance to you. SPEEDINET has been providing Service Level Agreements to our client’s for over 15 years. These agreements not only ensure that your systems are maintained, but further cater for things that are very often overlooked when everything is running smoothly. Some of these things could include update and patch management, backup monitoring, server monitoring and performance monitoring. These items are all essential parts of ensuring a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure. SPEEDINET provides set hourly service agreements (as listed below) or we can tailor make an agreement to suit your individual needs. For a no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements, kindly complete the form located on our contact page. One of our consultants will then contact you back and make arrangements to come see you.

SLA Services
  • LAN + WAN Networking Design, Implementation and Support
  • CCTV and IP Security Camera Solutions
  • Server and Blade Solutions
  • Storage Solutions,
  • VPN Solutions
  • VOIP Solutions
  • Server and Workstation Virtualization
  • Wireless, ADSL Internet provider
No SLA Agreement
  • R395/hr initial Call out (1hr)
  • Limited Telephonic Support
  • No Remote Support
  • 24hr Call-to-Fix time
  • Standard Hardware Pricing
Basic SLA
  • R2,600/month
  • 4X Hours Support incl. callouts
  • 1X Hour proactive support
  • Basic telephonic support
  • Remote support included
  • 8hr Call-to-Fix time
  • 3% discount on hardware
Standard SLA
  • R4,000/month
  • 6X Hours Support incl. callouts
  • 2 hours proactive support
  • Advanced telephonic support
  • Remote support included
  • 8hr Call-to-Fix time
  • 5% Discount on hardware
i have Speedinet  Wireless Service  for 2 year     no complain ,   no downtime ,  easy to use   friendly customer care   24 hour  support   this guys  goes out of their way to help customers   thank you Speedinet       ivan goverder

shop owner, North Beach Cafe 0832786660

using  wireless internet for couple of years and didn’t know it was so easy and instant activation . i call speedinet  they assist me how to login , insert user name password  and i am good to go  since than  only using  speedinet  internet  .  Cant live with speedinet internet  i have try  other network    this is best   well done speedinet sburizairo 0833149966

branch manager, Capitec bank

got this company detail from google and call this guys  .  i was connected same day. this guys  are  awsome and  cheapest than other network  . and  speed  is good  ….  i mean daamm.. good..   i refer all my friend to this network  most of my colleague  using speedinet   cant live with speedinet internet perfect solution  for every one   mandile 0612845196

inspector, Lancet Laboratories

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