South African PlayStation distributor Gamefinity has officially confirmed the PSVR’s launch date and price for the country. And… it’s not cheap. Unsurprisingly. What is surprising is that South Africa won’t be left behind for the VR2’s global release.
Virtually bankrupting

For the standard PSVR2 bundle – which includes the VR headset, VR Sense controllers, and headphones – expect to pay R13,500. A bundle is available that includes the upcoming VR title Horizon Call of the Mountain. But, you’ll pay an extra R1,000, bringing the total up to R14,500.
If a charging dock for your Sense controllers is essential to your gaming experience, be ready to shell out another R1,100. This isn’t a requirement, as the controllers do charge via a cable plugged directly into the console. If you’re willing to navigate virtual reality like a poor person, you’re welcome to go right ahead.

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Most strangely, South Africans won’t wait months before the VR2 is on shelves. Pre-orders open tomorrow – at the same time as the rest of the world. The global launch is set for next year, 22 February.
PSVR2 pre-orders will be available on Gamefinity’s Koodoo store which will notify users once pre-orders are officially live.
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