Most of the planet is acquainted with Chris Rock’s most recent hit. The standup comedian and actor is hoping for another one early next year when he becomes the first artist to live stream an event on Netflix.
Talk of the streaming service jumping into live streaming has been around for some time. Rock’s announcement as the first to take the leap is just confirmation of what has been suspected for months.
‘We will Chris Rock you’ – Netflix, probably

Chris Rock is about to make history as the first artist to perform live on Netflix!
The legendary comedian, writer, director, and actor’s newest comedy special will premiere live — globally — in early 2023 on Netflix!
— Strong Black Lead (@strongblacklead) November 10, 2022

It’s not just an American live stream either. The event will be global, though that will mean some odd watch times if you absolutely must catch Rock live. It’ll be a little like watching Formula One when the teams are on the other side of the world. The standup special will air in early 2023. That’s about as much as is known about its content. There will almost certainly be jokes about being bliksemed at the Oscars.
Prior to the Oscar shenanigans, Rock’s previous Netflix special was called Tamborine. It was directed, of all people, by Bo Burnham.
Live streaming on entertainment streaming services is relatively new but expect it to increase over time. Netflix has plans beyond Chris Rock telling jokes. The Netflix is a Joke festival should air, at least in part, live. Game shows on the platform might also make use of the format. Other platforms, from Disney+ to Amazon and Apple, are also experimenting with the potential of live events. This takes them all full circle from ‘streaming platform’ to ‘TV broadcaster’, of course, but don’t tell them. We don’t think anyone’s noticed yet.
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