Rain is currently two-for-two in the month of November, what with its collaboration with Geforce Now and its selection of Black Friday deals running on its website. We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that someone over at Rain would be losing their job because of this. But no. This is real. All of Rain’s unlimited 4G and 5G products are approximately R1 each.
Raining deals
This includes its three 5G home internet solutions which range from 30Mbps speeds up to “ultra-fast speeds”. If you’re out of range of Rain’s 5G towers, then a 4G SIM might be better suited to you. You can find an unlimited 4G SIM that works on any device and reaches 10Mbps of speed for just R1.
Here’s a complete list of the products available:

Unlimited Home 5G Basic, month-to-month, 30Mbps speed – R1 (R530)
Unlimited Home 5G Standard, month-to-month, 60Mbps speed – R1 (R740)
Unlimited Home 5G Premium, month-to-month, ultra-fast speeds – R1 (R1,000)
Unlimited 4G for any device, month-to-month, 10Mbps speed – R1 (R500)
19-hours unlimited off-peak for any device, month-to-month –R1 (R265)
Unlimited 4G for phones only, month-to-month – R1 (R320)

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Each 5G product here also includes a free-to-use router. This means the customer won’t pay any additional fees for the router and will be asked to return the device should the service ever be cancelled.
It’s worth noting that since these products run on a month-to-month basis, the prices will return to normal once the month of November is over. You can find the real prices in the brackets above.
All deals listed still fall under Rain’s general terms and conditions.
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