If you’re still stuck playing Elden Ring on a PS4, it may be time to start a new playthrough on a PS5. No, we aren’t giving you one – PS5s don’t grow on trees. But, buying your own may be a little easier soon. And Sony feels confident that we’ll lap them all up.
Sony Group Corp reported that it had its single biggest financial day since 2017, after stating that production of the latest batch of PS5s exceeded their expectations over the past quarter. Now, it’s setting itself a new goal for the new fiscal year – selling over 23 million PS5s. That’s up from its current sale goal of 18 million for the fiscal year, which it’s also on track to beat.

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Looks like PS5s are back on the menu, boys

Despite no ‘big’ games releasing in the last quarter, Sony said that sales numbers were “surprisingly stable” according to industry analyst Serkan Toto. “Video games are a hit-driven business. Sony did relatively well despite not having any blockbusters to drive growth this quarter,” he said.
Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer said that production in the last quarter exceeded expectations, managing to build over 6.5 million units in three months. Sony added that it has seen a growth in user engagement more recently, particularly with newer games. God of War, which releases next week, is expected to give a boost in sales.
Even with the production boost incoming, it might still be a while before PS5s are in stock everywhere. Plan your Christmas shopping accordingly.
Source: Bloomberg
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