If you’re anything like us, you use various messaging and mail platforms as note-taking systems. WhatsApp hopes to fulfil that function for you, at some point, via yet another upcoming feature.
Called “Messages with yourself”, the feature is all about letting a user send a message to themselves. Why you’re choosing to do that doesn’t matter. It’s about having the capability, really.
It’s about sending a message 
Image: WABetaInfo
Having the ability to send messages to yourself in WhatsApp isn’t new. It’s just a finicky operation that most people don’t bother trying to execute. The upcoming change, which has appeared for some beta users, doesn’t do anything different besides taking the legwork out of setting it up.

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Basically, some beta users can click on themselves as though they were a contact — because technically they are. This would allow you to send info to yourself — like the average lifespan of a duck (five to ten years, FYI) — instead of dropping it on unsuspecting people because you can’t be bothered to learn how web bookmarks work.
Since the ability to send messages to yourself could well become official, it’ll also update across multiple devices should you happen to use them. The previous method of sending notes to yourself on WhatsApp was spotty at best. But unless you’re on the app’s beta program, it’ll likely be a while before you see it in action. The feature will launch at an unspecified point in the future.
Source: WABetaInfo
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