Apple could bring its new M2 Macbook Pros out in March

If your heart was set on grabbing an M2-infused MacBook Pro before the year was over, we’ve got some bad news for you. Apple had originally planned a set of 14 and 16in M2 MacBook Pros for a Spring release this year. This is no longer happening according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
Gurman cites Apple’s tendency to avoid January and February, focusing on March releases in recent years. Paired with the expected release of macOS Ventura 13.3 in March, Gurman believes an announcement from Apple is imminent in the first half of March.
Don’t be too disappointed – the revised MacBook Pros aren’t changing much once they release. Sure, a new M2 chipset is on the way, but you’ll be paying a pretty penny for the extra power. It might be cheaper and simpler to wait for a sale.
Source: Engadget
Who’s that guy?
Not him, the other guy
Netflix has officially renewed The Witcher for season four. There’s just one problem. Henry Cavill won’t be making his return as the White Wolf, marking his finale as the character during the upcoming third season.
And who will replace Cavill as Geralt of Rivia? Liam Hemsworth. Yeah, the guy you barely remember from The Hunger Games and… other movies. Even the more famous Hemsworth couldn’t save this change. Though, he’d still manage to do a better job than the replacement we got. Which, if we’re being honest, isn’t saying much. Ed, Edd and Eddy’s Plank would be a better fit for the role than Liam.
Less than a year ago, Cavill reported his commitment to a further five seasons – on one condition. The condition? Stay faithful to Andrzej Sapkowski’s work, which the show bases itself on. A year later and Cavill is gone, leading us to believe that conflict between him and the writers caused the sudden shift.
Source: The Verge
Apple wants a cut

iOS users on Telegram have lost the ability to post pay-to-view posts due to the feature being in violation of Apple’s App Store guidelines. The feature’s removal was explained on Telegram by its CEO, Pavel Durov. The platform used third-party payment options to sell post access without cutting Apple in on the profits. Usually, Apple requires every developer to pay a 30% tax on any in-app purchases made on the platform.
“This is just another example of how a trillion-dollar monopoly abuses its market dominance at the expense of millions of users who are trying to monetize their own content,” Durov said to 9to5Mac. “I hope that the regulators in the EU, India, and elsewhere start taking action before Apple destroys more dreams and crushes more entrepreneurs with a tax that is higher than any government-levied VAT.”
Whether the feature will make its return or not remains to be seen. But for now, all Telegram posts will be free to view. On iOS at least.
Source: The Verge
Wallpaper: sorted
IC 1623 A and B colliding 270 million lightyears away – ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA, L. Armus, A. Evans
The James Webb Telescope is back with a new image, showing IC 1623 A and B – a pair of galaxies colliding 270 million lightyears away. The merging of the galaxies has formed what’s known as a ‘starburst region’, an area filled with a high chance of star formations.
Three of Webb’s capturing tools were used to get hold of the image: MIRI, NIRSpec, and NIRCam. “This interacting galaxy system is particularly bright at infrared wavelengths, making it a perfect proving ground for Webb’s ability to study luminous galaxies,” said the people behind Webb.
Considering that these galaxies are 270 million lightyears away, we don’t have much to worry about. The Milky Way isn’t due to start colliding with the Andromeda galaxy in about 4.5 billion years. That’s long enough for us.
Source: Digital Trends
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