For many, October is a spooky month. Frankly, it’s scary how much tech we have in this month’s issue of Stuff. We’ve gathered gadgets in all shapes and sizes to help you, dear reader. There are some to help you face the blackouts and some for when the two-word terror load shedding subsides and you need to make up for the lost time. We’ve also spent some time with Samsung’s newest smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.
Apart from having to remember to keep all your batteries charged, another thing to remember is that load shedding isn’t free. It costs you valuable time and when it comes to productivity, time is quite literally money. In this issue, we have the essential tech to maximise your productivity when your load isn’t being shed. Whether you’re a student, café creative, home worker or digital nomad there’s something in this issue for you.

Load shedding doesn’t only cut into your work time, your leisure time is also under threat. Instead of spending hours fumbling around in the dark looking for things to alleviate the boredom, check out our roundup of mobile games worth looking into. Whether on Android or iOS, these games are sure to make sitting in the dark, in lines or on a commute a lot more bearable.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has the same processor and display as its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Are the larger battery and extra temperature sensor enough of an upgrade? Samsung seems to think so. That’s by no means the only change. The physical dial from almost every past generation of Samsung smartwatch is in the bin. In its place, a digital version. Is this a worthy upgrade from the Watch 4 Classic? Enough reason to switch from Apple? The answers are waiting on page 74.
But we haven’t stopped there. For the latest news on tech, games, apps, streaming, and more, check out the latest issue to stay in the loop at the water cooler. You’ll also find Stuff’s Top 10 pages, updated to stay with the times. You’ll also find reviews on the latest thin-and-light laptops and of Samsung’s flagship foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold 4. There’s all that, and more, in the current issue of Stuff. Get your copy today. 
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