Danish brick company Lego has yet to release a computer keyboard. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with the MelGeek Pixel, a Lego-compatible mechanical keyboard. If you don’t immediately see the attraction, you’re probably not the target market.
If you are the target market, you’re probably a fair bit like Stuff‘s own Duncan Pike: Obsessed with switches and travel distances, a little too evangelical about Dutch company Wooting, and convinced you’ll custom-build a mechanical keyboard one day. It’s like vinyl, but for tech nerds. In that case, the Pixel is for you.
One way to push a Pixel
The MelGeek Pixel is a tenkeyless keyboard studded all over with Lego-compatible studs. There’s a reason why the company can get away with this, involving patents, that we’re not going to explain. You can do the homework if you want to. The studded areas aren’t confined to the area surrounding the keys. The keycaps themself lift off, letting you create custom Lego designs if you feel the urge.
It’s not just brick-customisable, either. The switches and lighting can be altered to meet your exact requirements. MelGeek hasn’t defined the Pixel’s switches beyond them being mechanical (yet), so you might prefer something a little more… lavish beneath your fingers.

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If you want one, you can pre-order the Pixel today. It’ll cost you about eighteen bucks, at today’s exchange rate, but that’s just the sum you’ll pay to reserve one. The full price, not including shipping, is R3,500 ($200). If you choose not to pre-order, then you will pay as much as R4,700 to own this slab of clicky, blocky peripheral joy.
The only catch? The launch day has yet to be confirmed. That might not be a bad thing — it’ll let you get your minifig collection in order before the Pixel turns up on your doorstep.
Source: via Gizmodo
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