Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has announced its collaboration with ACI Worldwide, a leader in mission-critical, real-time payments software, to integrate Amdocs’ Vindicia capabilities with ACI Speedpay.

The agreement between Amdocs and ACI Worldwide will enable subscription merchants to integrate a turn-key solution to reduce time-to-market, improve retention, decrease costs and simplify subscription management. The solution includes customer identity management, customer engagement, subscription management, fraud and risk management tools, passive churn solutions and a global payments footprint that enables omni-commerce payments. 

UBS expects the subscription economy to expand into a USD 1.5 trillion market by 2025, implying an average annual growth rate of 18%. Over the long run, they expect subscriptions as a trend to broaden and gather significant traction in emerging markets.

As the subscription economy grows exponentially, an integrated solution that helps subscription businesses boost retention efforts and capture more revenue is more important than ever. We’re happy to work with Amdocs’ Vindicia to provide the most innovative approach possible for subscription merchants.Sanjay Gupta, Head of Biller Segment, ACI Worldwide

The subscription industry continues to grow, fueled by diversification of services ranging from automotive to digital, to consumer goods and beyond. This collaboration with ACI Worldwide brings together a robust set of capabilities to create an improved experience for subscription businesses while simplifying operations.Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Amdocs