South African entertainment is frequently underrated. The creative minds behind the upcoming Netflix series The Brave Ones hope to prove this statement is true, come 16 September. That’s when the supernatural series launches on the international streaming platform.
But first, a new trailer. If you’ve already seen the teaser, you’ll retread some familiar ground. The difference this time around is that there’s a little more of it.
Who are the Brave Ones?


The series, helmed by Nigeria-born director Akin Omotoso, takes viewers through the tale of the Brave Ones. Six episodes will journey through three different worlds — the living, the dead, and the unborn — which are bound together by the Tree of Life.
The presentation and storyline are distinctly African, drawing from African mythology. It’s an interesting concept that owes inspiration, at least visually, to current depictions of Marvel and DC superheroes. The Brave Ones follows heroine Ntsiki Gasa (played by Sthandile Nkosi) as she navigates tragedy, revenge, and massive changes in strength and ability.
There are, obviously, opposing forces. This would be Ayanda and Luthando Mbatha, who attempt to stand in Ntsiki’s way. It’s never a good idea to oppose a god, however. Especially one that has incarnated on Earth on a mission of revenge.
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