Zain Bahrain, a telecommunications industry innovator in the Kingdom, has recently launched a new initiative, “Zainspire,” to motivate and inspire employees through the opportunity of attending a series of influential workshops to empower employees with positivity.  

Zainspire comes under Zain Bahrain health strategy and values, promoting employees’ well-being and mindfulness, both physical and mental. The new initiative will allow the employees to attend motivational and inspirational workshops hosted by professionally qualified speakers, trainers, and consultants throughout the year. 

Zainspire’s first initiative was a two-day long workshop conducted by Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Qassim, Human Development Trainer and Consultant who holds an International Accredited License in Human Development from the Canadian Universal Improvement Group (CUIG) and is Internationally Certified Trainer in Thinking Skills from fortune intellect. It was attended by many employees and discussed the six levels of thinking to expand awareness, how to manage the mind to send positive messages, and how to transform convictions into actions and get rid of wrong conclusions. 

The well-being of our employees is paramount and is critical to Zain Bahrain’s growth and success. We are committed to provide our employees with a healthy and safe work environment. Through Zainspire we will be able to elevate our employee’s confidence and increase their positivity to inspire and engage.” 

In alignment with Zain Bahrain’s vision and core values to provide a healthy work environment for its employees, BEWELL is another initiative that offers its employees a variety of health and well-being benefits to help their workforce stay healthy and positive while managing both work and personal demands.