If you’ve ever seen someone walking around with a cane and a seeing-eye dog and thought “I want to look like that”, now you can. Lenovo has announced the Lenovo Glasses T1, a pair of consumer smart glasses. A set of Micro OLED displays sit behind the glass which pairs up to either Windows, macOS, Android or iOS. They look interesting but feel too niche to really make a dent within the industry. Maybe we’ll be proved wrong – especially if a wireless, less on-your-face model arrives in the future.
Better than Matt Murdock’s 

The announcement came during Lenovo’s virtual showcase, showing the glasses off as a private wearable display. Movement is limited due to the need for a USB-C connector, and the fact that you can’t see out of them. It’s designed to keep the user in one place, just like a regular monitor or TV would. The idea is to feel as if you’re watching a theatre screen. You can also game, watch films or hide your FBI paperwork.
Lenovo feels that mobile gaming will be a hit with the T1’s, noting the inevitable rise of the industry. Lenovo mentioned Global Industry Analysts which predicts that mobile gaming will be worth nearly $160 billion dollars by 2026. It also cited the growth of streaming platforms, believing customers will want to consume content in private using the T1.

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The T1 has a set of built-in speakers that just can’t be good for your health. There’s still the option of using a set of earphones or wireless headphones – the easy solution to fix the issue. There is a battery, but it’s also able to pull power from the source device. There’s no word on what kind of battery is in there, but we can imagine it isn’t a big one.
The T1 is hitting the Chinese market at the end of the year, followed by a larger rollout around the world in 2023. The second release will target “specific markets” but no word on which markets specifically. No specific dates for either release have been mentioned, meaning we’ll need to wait for a further announcement from Lenovo. Whether the T1 will cost an arm, leg or both, we can’t be sure. We’ll have to wait and see.

Source: The Verge
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