Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, has completed the installation of Hormuud Telecom’s undersea cable landing station (CLS) in Somalia. This new critical infrastructure is projected to support economic, societal and digital growth in the region, by empowering more Somali citizens and businesses with access to the internet.

Hormuud Telecom’s vision is to introduce innovative and quality connectivity solutions in Somalia through the deployment of a new open access cable landing station, opening up more opportunity for internet access for Somali citizens. Due to geographical and technical complexities challenging the project’s execution, the Hormuud team determined that partnering with suppliers with the right combination of technological know-how, experience, and portfolio was needed to get the project started and see it through to completion.

Hormuud Telecom selected Vertiv as its digital infrastructure partner of choice, due to Vertiv’s extensive experience and expertise in bringing key technologies to Africa. Spear-headed by Hormuud Telecom, the cable landing station has been outfitted with Vertiv power and cooling equipment in partnership with Pure Earth International, a Vertiv authorized distributor across the horn of Africa. Vertiv’s solutions in the project included Vertiv Netsure 7100 Semi-Bulk DC power systems, Vertiv Liebert PDX direct expansion floor-mount cooling units, Vertiv energy storage systems and inverters, and a series of Vertiv project services, including installation supervision and commissioning.

This cable landing station is monumental for Somalia’s digital growth and to put it on the global map of digitalisation. In today’s world, and especially the post-pandemic world, it is essential for all citizens to have access to the internet and data. The project’s goal is to fill the gaps in internet infrastructure that exist currently in the Somali landscape. The deployment of this landmark undersea cable positions the region for much-needed high-speed internet. We are thrilled to be part of this visionary project with Hormuud Telecom and to bring our cutting-edge technology to Somalia in a bid to scale its socio-economic growth. This is a big milestone for all those involved in the project.Pierre Havenga, Managing Director, Vertiv in Africa

The cable landing station will enable massive acceleration of broadband proliferation and thereby improve online connectivity in and around Somalia. It will accommodate various submarine cables, in turn streamlining the process of establishing cross-connections to local and global partners, making it easier, quicker, and more efficient for all stakeholders.

Hormuud Telecom anticipates significant expansion in the network capacity of multiple submarine cables for Somalia in the near future. Vertiv’s global reputation, breadth of industry knowledge, and wealth of experience in manufacturing and installing cable landing stations within Africa have made it the vendor of choice for Hormuud Telecom.These partnerships and infrastructure investments, in addition to the sustenance of technology hubs and start-up companies, boldly accentuate Hormuud Telecom’s vision for a better-connected Somalia.Yasin Hassan, Head of Corporate Communications, Hormuud Telecom