Ericsson reiterates its commitment to driving sustainable growth in Africa at this year’s AfricaTech Festival. Taking place from November 7 to November 11, 2022, AfricaTech Festival 2022 aims at uniting business and technology to create a better, more inclusive digital world​.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) plays an essential role in Africa’s digitalization journey and economic sustainability. As part of its keynotes and speaker sessions, Ericsson will cover topics such as enabling sustainable growth in Africa with the help of ICT, empowering people through digital inclusion, and industrial growth through digitalization ​and sustainability.

Ericsson’s demos will focus on key topics to harness the full value of connectivity including 5G use cases exhibits, immersive experiences, and Green ICT initiatives. Reiterating Ericsson’s commitment to drive sustainable growth in Africa with 4G uptake and paving the path to 5G, Ericsson will also ​highlight technology and thought leadership while showcasing the latest portfolio offering to the African market.

According to Ericsson’s latest Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Report, Ericsson set a long-term ambition to be Net Zero by 2040 across its value chain. To meet customer expectations and help the telecom industry reach Net Zero, Ericsson has developed innovative solutions that enable operator networks to use as little energy as possible while managing expected growth in data traffic, meeting the needs of both current and future 5G networks.