Primetime Channels is the newest feature to issue forth from video sharing website YouTube. Basically, it’s a collection of streaming services, in one place. It’s also not exactly a surprise. We’ve been expecting something like this for some time now.
That’s Primetime, baby
Long story short, a load of different streaming providers have joined forces with YouTube. The likes of Starz, AMC+, Showtime, Paramount+, and Epix are all represented, as well as some lesser-known providers. Hallmark Movies Now, Sundance Now, and The Great Courses are a few of the slightly more recognisable options but you know how these things are. There’s bound to be a bunch of stuff you won’t watch.
Primetime Channels isn’t one of those buy-once, fire-and-forget bundles, unfortunately. Users can subscribe to any of 30 different services through YouTube and they’ll be able to watch their subscriptions via Google’s app.
But this isn’t something you can get all that excited about. If you’re an American, you’ll have access to the early version of the new storefront. If you’re a South African, like us, then you’ll have to wait until you can subscribe to various options via YouTube. But you can already do that via DStv. Kinda.
YouTube has launched several new features in recent months in a bid to compete with the other streaming giants pulling eyeballs from the video-heavy website. Educational courses, the ability to get rid of specific YouTubers from Discover recommendations, and pointing out which bits of the video you really want to see are just a few of these.
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