Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, announced the opening of its new office and state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center in Nairobi. With an increasing demand for high efficiency critical infrastructure in East Africa, this center supports Vertiv’s efforts in offering digital infrastructure solutions to local customers.

The center’s experts offer firsthand knowledge of the technologies, and showcasing of the products gives users a chance to get close to the diverse range of Vertiv’s critical infrastructure solutions for applications from the edge of the network to the cloud. Products at the center include Vertiv SmartCabinet – a pre-configured, self-contained solution that o­ffers eff­iciency, economy, interoperability, and control; Vertiv Liebert EXS UPS – optimized and integrated three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution with high efficiency power protection; Vertiv Liebert EXM2 – highly reliable and efficient UPS designed to provide industry-leading performance and Vertiv Liebert APM Plus – the versatile and modular UPS fit for row and room applications, as well as thermal management products and other IT management solutions. This facility will not only provide presales, sales, and product training, but full-service certification courses for Vertiv’s authorized service partner network as well.

In addition to the products physically available at the center, Vertiv offers the experience of its large-scale modular data centers, power and cooling solutions through virtual reality. Customers can utilize digital technology to embark on a unique virtual trip to experience Vertiv’s solutions capabilities.

This opening marks our growing presence in Kenya and the East African region, and we are excited and proud to be part of this historic digital journey. We are investing in facilities and people to grow our footprint in the East African market as internet penetration, data usage and digitalization continues to expand across the length and breadth of the region.This hub is a key investment from Vertiv, in an effort to offer critical digital infrastructure for local telecommunication networks, data centers and commercial facilities. Establishing this kind of foundation in Kenya can help the country’s talents and important sectors advance, as well as the region as a whole.Rohan Patil, Regional Manager for East Africa, Vertiv

The establishment of Vertiv’s Kenyan Customer Experience Center is part of the company’s growing footprint in Africa to modernize infrastructure and drive digital transformation.

As East Africa fast-forwards its digital transformation journey with increased internet adoption, Vertiv is poised to help support the digital infrastructure that could make the region more competitive on a global scale, and boosting socio-economic growth.Our goal is to enhance customer experience and provide closer support to this key market. At our new facility, customers and partners from all over Eastern Africa can experience the quality of Vertiv products and engage with technology experts to expand their knowledge and capabilities. We hope that the foundation we have set is the starting point for great things to come in East Africa. The first step has been taken, and we are on our way there.Karsten Winther, President in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Vertiv