The end is nigh. No, not ‘The End’ the end, but rather the end of South Africa’s brief spell of descending petrol prices. All that is gone, at least according to The Central Energy Fund’s latest round of data. Unless some sort of miracle takes place before 2 November, it looks like both petrol and diesel drivers are set for disappointment.
As always, we can’t take these numbers ‘entirely’ seriously. These predictions are based on The Central Energy Fund’s estimate, which is based on factors such as the international fuel prices and the Rand/Dollar exchange that South Africa uses to make purchases. The official price changes are decided at the end of the month by the Department of Energy.

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Fun while it lasted
While they may not be entirely accurate, here are the predicted petrol and diesel prices for the month of November.

Petrol 95: increase of 48 cents per litre (R0,48)
Petrol 93: increase of 48 cents per litre (R0,48)
Diesel 0.05%: increase of 161 cents per litre (R1,61)
Diesel 0.005%: increase of 164 cents per litre (R1,64)
Illuminating Paraffin: increase of 78 cents per litre (R0,78)

At least this time around, petrol drivers are sharing the pain. Diesel drivers have seen minor increases over the most recent price drops. The most South Africa can do is hope something changes for December’s petrol prices.
Source: BusinessTech
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