Mobile-Technologies announces that the company has become a certified Solution Partner for Huawei Cloud, with the iDIM (Intelligent Digital Identity Management) solution being successfully deployed on Huawei Cloud.

Digital Identity registration is an area that represents the first step of every digital service engagement and offerings. Intelligent Access Management is an applied use case where digital identity validation is applied in complex rules of authorization, such as for Access Management. The partnership between Huawei Cloud and Mobile-Technologies brings together the solid delivery and operational efficiencies gained by a Cloud deployment, with the functional sophistication and security of a proven solution for Digital Identity and Access Management.

We are pleased to onboard Mobile-Technologies as a certified Solutions Partner, deploying Mobile-Technologies’ solutions for Digital Identity Management in Huawei Cloud.We believe that the broad capabilities of Mobile-Technologies’ solution, combined with the efficiencies enabled by Huawei’s Cloud, are creating a very strong value proposition to any enterprise that is looking for services in the area of Intelligent Access Management.Ms. Piyatida Itiravivongs, Director, Thailand Cloud Business Development Dept

We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Huawei Cloud, which means for us a recognition of the value that our solution offers and a proof of our platform’s technical capabilities. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Huawei Cloud and the ability to create jointly a very strong SaaS proposition for Digital Identity and Access Management to clients in Asia.Bogdan Sacuiu, CCO, Mobile-Technologies