Apple is expected to launch its latest range of iPads this week. As expected, the company is holding its pads close to its chest. So we’ll have to make do with leaks about specific details until the official launch.
According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple may be launching the tenth-generation iPad and iPad Pro with an 11-inch screen and a 12.9inch screen. The biggest change expected in the iPad Pros, code-named j617 and J620, is the M2 processor that’s also in the MacBook Air.
In his weekly newsletter, Gurman says the processor is expected to boost the iPad Pros’ performance by 20%.
Apple’s new iPads are expected to resemble last year’s Pro models “bringing the same flat-edge design into its fourth year,” writes Gurman.

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There’s more…
We’re also expecting Apple to launch updated entry-level tablets and to release the new version of iPadOS 16, later in October. Bloomberg says we can expect this on the 24 October. High-end laptops are expected to get the first M2 Pro and M2 Max chips – an upgrade from the M2 chip.
Apple is also expected to launch the 14in and 16in MacBook Pro later this year.
There has been little to no build-up for this ‘launch’ from Apple. Don’t expect a big, live-streamed event this time around. It seems Apple wants to keep the attention on the iPhone 14. There might be a prerecorded video if we’re lucky.
Source: Bloomberg
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