Multichoice has killed off the DStv app on some older Samsung and Hisense TV sets, stating the TVs no longer meet the DStv app’s technical requirements.
“The DStv App is no longer supported on this device as it does not meet the technical requirements to run the app. For compatible devices, go to,” reads the message on some affected TVs when attempting to access the DStv app.
Multichoice says the upgraded DStv app no longer supports Samsung TVs from 2015 and 2016  and Hisense U2.5 TV sets.
Shocked, confused and disappointed customers continue to post questions and complaints on social media since the cut-off last week Monday. Customers have directed their frustration at both MultiChoice and the TV manufacturers.
Complaints range from the sudden cut-offs with no warning given, to the possibility of either having to buy a new TV or being ‘forced’ to pay for a DStv Streama set-top box in order to watch DStv’s content without a satellite connection.
Playing the blame game

@SamsungSA Hi there.. The dstv application is no longer working on my Samsung smart TV. Is there a specific reason for this? I noticed the fault after updating the software the other day. And now I can’t even find the dstv app from the app list. Please help.
— October 16, 2022

Deprecating older hardware has always been a thing with tech. But it’s usually accompanied by some sort of announcement, either a global statement or a direct statement to those affected. That doesn’t seem to have been the case this time for some subscribers, judging from the tweets.
Multichoice has responded to some customers by telling them to consider getting the DStv Streama in order to stream content using Netflix, Showmax, or the DStv app. The Streama media box costs R1,300, not a cheap sudden buy in this economy.

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Additionally, Multichoice seems to think the responsibility of notifying customers lies with TV manufacturers, saying it ‘previously communicated’ that the DStv app would no longer be available on some TVs to those manufacturers.
Whether that’s true or not isn’t important. What is important, especially if you are a DStv subscriber, is knowing if you’re affected.
As well as 2015 and 2016 Samsung TVs and Hisense U2.5 sets, Multichoice says devices running the Android mobile or Android TV DStv app on versions lower than v2.4.6, iOS app versions lower than 10.19.0 and tvOS app versions lower than 1.15.0 would also be affected.

No. They only sent me a silly DM to contact @DStv for further information . I chose my @HisenseSA TV because it came with the pre-installed DSTV app and 3 years later I can’t use it because it’s an “old model”.
— Nthabiseng Molebatsi (@NthabiMolebatsi) October 14, 2022

Sources: My Broadband, Twitter
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