MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Africa 2022 (Kigali Convention Centre, 25 – 27 October, stand 12) to show just how simple it is for telcos to move into television, and how to evaluate profitability. Designing a service using MwareTV’s cloud platform is so simple that the company promises that, during a stand meeting, visitors will be able to leave with a fully-worked proof of concept service.

Included in the proposition is the option to take a package of around 100 channels of affordable, African content, as well as 2022 World Cup coverage for Sub-Saharan French speaking African countries, giving operators the ability to set up and launch a service with no lengthy negotiations or the requirement for specialist staff. Typically, with MwareTV, operators can be online and earning revenues within four weeks.

Every aspect of the MwareTV platform is completely customisable, so African telcos can choose the services they wish to offer, and brand them fully to offer integrated services to their subscribers. The result is significantly increased monetisation and improved subscriber retention, thanks to an attractive and engaging television service.

This is our first time exhibiting at MWC Africa, although we already have a number of successful customers in the region. We know from MWC Barcelona that this is an environment where business gets done, and we know our offering is particularly valuable to African telcos and mobile network operators. Our key selling point is that we can provide all the technology, content and functionality in a cloud-based service, so you can move very quickly with no high up-front costs.Sander Kerstens, CEO, MwareTV

Included in the software-as-a-service offering is the new App Builder functionality, launched last month at IBC and being seen for the first time outside Europe at MWC Africa. App Builder allows anyone to create easy to use, branded and highly functional subscriber experiences. Much more than a simple white label framework, this is a unique ability to create fully tailored and branded apps with no need for programming knowledge or coding skills.

It supports all the common platforms, including iOS, Android and AndroidTV, TVOS, FireTV, WebOS, Tizen and WebTV enabled devices. Templates give designers a fast start, and they can modify their apps with nine menu types, 33 home page widgets and a practically unlimited number of set-ups including important functionality like extended metadata, recommendations and series linking, and automated parental control, all within your brand’s look and feel.

MWC Africa is an important event at a time when Africa’s telco and streaming markets are seeing sustained growth. We bring the ability for operators to seize the market through fast set-up. More, because our services are entirely cloud-hosted, operators can build their services with minimal capital investment, secure in the knowledge that costs will always be tied directly to revenues in our ‘pay as you develop’ model. In the space of a conversation on our stand, we can not only show you how simple it is, but give you your own, tailored, proof of concept system.Sander Kerstens, CEO, MwareTV