As expected, SA is back in the dark after Eskom announced the return of load shedding on Sunday evening. What a way to spoil a weekend. As for the week ahead, most South Africans return to the mercy of the load-shedding schedule (assuming there are no localised faults). 
Second verse, same as the first
Eskom has implemented Stage 2 load shedding daily from 16:00 until midnight from Monday until Wednesday this week. So you’ll probably spend at least the first three evenings of this week in the dark. You can probably expect that to increase The power utility says two generating units, one at Kendal power station and another at Kusile power station, were taken offline for repairs.
“We currently have 5 487MW on planned maintenance, while another 14 061MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns.”
Yes, more breakdowns, nothing new here. Hopefully, you were expecting the disappointing news and have your batteries charged and candles at the ready.

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Eskom says we can expect an update on Wednesday afternoon — or sooner if things change before then.
“To the extent possible, Eskom will endeavor to limit load shedding to night-time to have minimal impact on the economy and population,” says the power utility in a statement on Sunday.
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