Ethio Telecom has disclosed that they are expecting their subscriber base to grow by 10.3% to reach 73.5 Million in 2023.

According to the reports from the CEO, Frehiwot Tamiru, the company is going to focus on its tech innovation, business development, and its customer experience.

It has been two months since our company started implementing its newly devised growth strategy and in the first two months it has already achieved 98% of its target. We are aiming to generate 75.05-billion Birr by engaging in new business streams and shifting revenue sources from traditional to value added services , offering local and international products and services to the market, increasing Telebirr access (mobile money service), service types and partners, improving service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty through network and system capacity enhancement.

Frehiwot Tamiru , CEO, Ethio Telecom