In more on-demand delivery news this week, Woolworths is making changes to its online shopping delivery service. Yes, it seems retailers across SA are on an update-upgrade mission before the festive season (Too soon?)
Woolworths is moving its delivery service from its on-demand same-day delivery app, Woolies Dash, to its main ‘Woolworths‘ mobile app.
Woolworths says the app integration will come with some improvements that will exceed your expectations. We’re not sure what your expectations are, but we hope they are exceeded, for Woolies’ sake.

It’s happening! Woolies Dash is moving to our main Woolworths app. The first two phases are done! Check our list of stores below to see if it’s time for you to switch to our main Woolworths app to order Woolies Dash.
— Woolworths SA (@WOOLWORTHS_SA) September 29, 2022

New app, new me — Woolies, probably
For those who’ve been on the dash side of life, Woolworths says you can expect these options from the Woolies app when requesting a delivery. Scheduled delivery, Click and collect, and on-demand.
There’ll be a personal shopper in the in-app chat. Not sure how far these chats can go…we suggest you keep them on the subject of groceries.
How about some fashion, or money?
The app will also give you the option to check out products from Woolies other than the kind you eat, including their fashion and financial products.
If you haven’t yet, you’d better prepare yourself and your grocery order. The Woolies Dash app will no longer be taking orders from this Friday, 7 October 2022.
If you’re a Woolies fan and you’d prefer your stuff came to you, it can. You can buy the new issue of Stuff from the Woolies app as well.

New issue of Stuff out now!
Buy in stores or online at
— Stuff South Africa (@StuffSA) October 5, 2022

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