You may want to sit down for this. What we’re about to say might shock you. Are you sitting? Good. Eskom confirmed yesterday that Stage 4 would stick around for a while longer, due to a lack of diesel. Are you shocked? So are we. Not because Eskom is keeping load shedding around. Because Eskom hasn’t pushed us a stage or two higher.
To make matters even worse, the power provider confirmed the shutdown of the Camden power station. Yes, the entire station.
Failure to dock

Loadshedding will unfortunately remain implemented at Stage 4 throughout the night and continue until diesel stocks have been fully replenished.
The vessel that is supposed to offload diesel at Mossel Bay cannot berth due to rough seas.
— Eskom Hld SOC Ltd (@Eskom_SA) September 28, 2022

Rough seas are being blamed for Eskom’s diesel shortage. The ship carrying Eskom’s supply has been delayed from docking in Mossel Bay due to terrible weather conditions. Until the ship can anchor, we’re stuck on Stage 4. Eskom plans to preserve what little diesel it has left.
Diesel stocks at the Gourikwa power station are low, forcing Eskom to preserve as much as it possibly can. Delivery to the Ankerlig station is currently underway through the use of road tankers. This delivery will take a few days to complete.

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On to the next issue – Camden power station, which was shut down due to technical issues with the station’s water chemistry. At first, the issue only forced the shutdown of three generating units. Unfortunately, the remaining four units were taken down in the later hours of yesterday afternoon. Eskom failed to provide a timeline for when the Camden station would be up and running again.
We can expect a “more comprehensive statement” from Eskom later today.
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