Vodacom and Showmax have teamed up, releasing a mobile-only Showmax package that gives buyers of the deal free data, specifically earmarked for Showmax viewing.
Vodacom customers rejoice

The bundle, which costs R70/m, gives buyers 10GB of data to use for the first three months. Following that, it’ll drop down to 3GB every month, a rather drastic drop-off. Even so, for R70/m, it’s not a bad deal.
Showmax claims that using the streamer’s new Max Data Saving mode allows you to watch content using only 50MB per hour. This means you’re given 60 hours’ worth of video at the lowest quality available. At least you can’t accidentally use up all your data by watching videos in HD. And that’s because you can’t. The deal limits these users to SD quality streams, meaning that if you wanted to use your own data for any HD viewing, you can’t.

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“We know that budgets are tight,” says Showmax Chief Expansion Officer, Nathan Hanley. “This is just one of the ways Showmax is making streaming more accessible; we’re exploring more exciting opportunities with our friends at Vodacom, so stay tuned!”
If you’re a Vodacom customer that wants in on this, you can do so here.
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