As the FIFA World Cup draws nearer, participating players in the tournament have called on the tournament hosts for an easier way to view their stats after each match. The football conglomerate has responded with the FIFA Player App, offering extensive insights into players’ achievements and failures.
Better than FIFA 23
And this isn’t just some passing and shooting tracker app. The FIFA Player App offers blow-by-blow stats such as when players make movements to receive or move the ball onwards. Each stat tracked is accompanied by a video of the player doing the movement. Of course, the app tracks way more than that. FIFA just hasn’t told us exactly what.
Most of the clubs attending the tournament already have access to these stats thanks to their in-house trackers. But this app isn’t for them, specifically. Some clubs don’t have the capital available to support their own trackers, so the app will be their window to this information.
The app debuted as a trial during the FIFA Arab Cup in 2021. FIFA must’ve felt confident enough in the trial to offer the app to players of this year’s World Cup.

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Stat tracking isn’t all this app is capable of. After each match, photos of each player will be put onto the app, giving the players using it an easy way to find pictures for the gram.  That’s probably what the app is going to be used for most of the time.
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