Mastercard, a leading technology company in the global payments industry, has collaborated to launch Google Pay in South Africa. Cardholders can conveniently and securely tap to pay with their Android phones or supported Wear OS devices in stores, where contactless is in operation, online and through apps, strengthening digital payment capabilities across South Africa.

A secure, more seamless way to transact, Google Pay saves customers from handing over their payment cards, touching physical buttons, or exchanging cash. Security and privacy are built into every aspect, to ensure data is protected. Users make transactions with a virtual card number (a token), so Google Pay does not share the real credit card number with the business, and payment information remains safe.

Customers store their cards for Google Pay within Google Wallet, a digital wallet that also recently launched in South Africa. Google Wallet securely stores payment cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, and more.

According to Mastercard’s New Payments Index, 52% of South African consumers said they tapped their smartphone mobile or digital wallet more than other payment methods in the last year. This trend is set to continue with 60% of South African respondents saying they are likely to tap a smartphone to pay in the coming year, with comfort and security key to growing adoption.

The convergence of physical and digital commerce is not in the future, it’s happening now. At Mastercard, we understand that consumers want to make digital payments when, where and how they want, with the same protection and security offered with a physical card. As a pioneer of mobile commerce innovation, we are excited to work with Google to deliver a payment experience that is both simple and secure, in turn speeding the adoption of digital payments in South Africa.Gabriel Swanepoel, Country Manager, Mastercard, Southern Africa

To set up Google Pay, Mastercard customers can download the Google Wallet app from the Google Play store and follow the instructions. Google Pay can also be set up online at Once their Mastercard is added, users simply choose Google Pay at the checkout, confirm their purchase, and pay.

Access to technology is vital for economic prosperity as millions of people use their mobile devices daily to tap and pay at stores, pay for public transportation and to utilise a variety of passes. At Google, we have learned that great things happen when technology works for everyone. By including everyone – a dynamic ecosystem of manufacturers, developers, and users – we want to make digital wallets accessible to everyone through fast, secure access to their everyday essentials.Alistair Mokoena, Country Director, Google SA

Mastercard, the leading technology company in the global payments industry, has made a worldwide commitment to financial inclusion, pledging to bring 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses – with a focus on 25 million women entrepreneurs – into the digital economy by 2025.